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Welcome to Northside Comics (tm). Your #1 source for information and insights regarding the comic book industry and related media. Each week you'll find updates and interesting commentaries from writers that tell it like it is..., period. You may or may not agree with them, but it will be a fun ride nonetheless.

   What we strive to offer you here with our "Pick Of The Week", is an unbiased point of view as to what may very well be a great read, and great reads, by the way, are often sought after in the collectors' market. Feedback on this is always welcome and encouraged. As always, we hope that you will enjoy what you discover here.

This Week's Pick 2-4-15

Angela Asgard's Assassin #3 (Marvel)

    Thor is joined on the hunt for Angela by... Loki???


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Knowing The Market

    Did you ever notice how inconsistent the comic book market can be? How some treat the so called price guides as bibles, while others manipulate them? Well my answer to that is for you to remember that price guides are just that..., "guides" (and nothing else) that usually reflect trends from limited sources. 

    In their defense though, it is understood that it is a massive undertaking to attempt to reflect the market as it truly is, especially when you have press time deadlines to consider. So therefore, it is up to us, the collector and fan alike, to keep our ears to the ground and to understand as well that a trend in New York may not necessarily reflect Chicago, which may not reflect Los Angeles, and so on. So, with that in mind there will be news updates as well as "TOP 5/10" listings with more to come, right here, and if we miss something in your area, or if there's anything you'd like to see here, please let us know, for you, the fan and the collector, are our greatest resource. Feel free to write to us at

    Thank you for your time.