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Wonder Woman's First Appearance

Wonder Woman's First Cover

Wonder Woman's First Solo Title

    Wonder Woman seems to be climbing the charts lately, in spite of the less than interesting story line in her own title, thanks to  the increased speculation that she will be appearing in the upcoming Superman/Batman film. Knowing DC/Warner, I'm more than confident that they will butcher her story along with everyone else's but, in all honesty a poor shot may be the best, if not only shot, we'll get in this generation for a Justice League movie.
    Yes, I know, I'm forever the naysayer but really, what hope do they give me? Smallville? Arrow? They may be great for the soap opera audience but their not what you would call "comic book" shows. In fact, they're anything but that. Mind you, to each his/her own as they say but they're not for me. In my opinion, they lack that superhero/comic book feel. Now, I'm not asking them to make an exact re-make of the comic but the changes made are beyond cosmetic and in turn make them a farce of the  base character.
     Look, comics have come a long way and the changes in their characters have ranged from great to downright stupid so it would be nice to have a movie/show about the League that will honestly do it "Justice." Wonder Woman stands to be a pivotal character as far as the upcoming films are concerned, so it would be nice if we can keep some semblance of the strong yet caring character that she had developed into... Pre-52, of course.
   Yes, she had her share of poor/comedic writing as well as weak story arcs but she has always been the "every-woman". A different symbol, if you will, as needed. A strong woman whose heart is filled with love and compassion, yet ready, willing and able to kick anyone's ass, anytime. She has been seen as a Sister, Mother, girlfriend, sex symbol and, most of all, a defender of peace. In fact, before the Justice League cartoons (especially Unlimited) she would be more apt to seek a peaceful resolve to a given situation than to resort to fisticuffs unnecessarily. All of which, gave her an ever growing fan base and made her an inspiration to so many that she has even graced to cover of Ms. magazine in 1972 (FYI, that's a cool mag to own as it also has a full color reprint of her first appearance). Speaking of the 70's, the Lynda Carter, TV version, though oft times comedic/campy, did seem to embody all that (and more) yet was unfortunately restricted by limitations to it's special effects production.
    Wonder Woman has also been the most undervalued character in comics. Always considered in the same breath with Superman and Batrman, her earlier appearances are only now starting to rise... and rise quickly. Recently, I have personally seen her first appearance (All Star Comics #8) more than double in value in less than a year's time. Similar growth has been seen in her other key books/merchandise such as Sensation Comics #1 (First Wonder Woman cover), Wonder Woman #1 and her Mego action figures from the 1970's. This growth has not been limited to just these keys, as sales have been steadily growing across the board for related merchandise, varying from comics and toys to licensing items, such as lunch boxes and make-up.
     Fair warning, though it may be a good time to invest, I suggest tempering your enthusiam with caution, as the right deal can be found if you're patient and alert. The last thing anyone wants is to overpay (for anything) unnecessarily, as the market can be fickle and experience a sudden down turn at any given moment. Especially if DC/Warner's film rendition turns out to be anything less than "Wonderous".